Welcome to Awaken Your Light!

Dear Reader,

This website represents the work of the late Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay and his widow, Rev. Shondra ~ Rose of Light ~ Lindsay.  As his passing in Sept 2013 was sudden and unexpected, updates to this website and their work have been put on pause, until Rev. Shondra is in a position to move this work forward again, in a public way.  Website contact will be answered as we are able.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Admins

We welcome you to our website and appreciate you taking your time to visit.  It is quite likely that your Soul and I Am Self brought you here to support you discovering a deeper consciousness connection with and access to your Divine Plan for this embodiment.

We are here to provide you with:

  • Tools for your ascension by nurturing your Sacred Union Within, a necessary prerequisite for moving up in frequency and dimensions is the foundation within our being of the marriage, or Sacred Union within between our embodied Soul, and our I AM Self/higher consciousness
  • Support for those desiring to build the foundations for successful multidimensional living, as citizens of both Earth and Cosmos, and to create your clear path to restoring the Sacred Union Within

Awaken Your Light is a journey through building this inner set of relationships to a place where it fully supports our personal and planetary ascension.

The Reverends Jeremiah and Shondra (Rose of Light) Lindsay are co-founders of Awaken Your Light in Costa Rica, a global training center and network of conscious co-creators, focused on expanding our multidimensional presence and building multidimensional skill sets to provide new echelons of support through this time of global transition, which is taking us beyond any traditional spiritual training.

We are creating the space for humanity to begin moving from the place of just “making 3-4 D better” to going beyond Separation / Duality into higher dimensions. While many people are now desiring a way to experience Oneness, WE feel we have been called to “cut a path to Home”, to Oneness consciousness, (with ease and grace) for those who will choose this now.

Challenging Times

During this time of Transition and shifting energies on the planet, many people are experiencing increased challenges on all levels, including relationships, housing, money, and “ascension issues.” Our bodies and beings are being pushed to engage higher dimensional light frequencies, but we encounter resistance and discomforts wherever we are still too deeply anchored in 3 and 4 D realities.
Many are now also experiencing a deep soul-level discontent, knowing they are here to do/BE something MUCH more, but feel confused, lost, and blocked from any way to successfully meet it.

Are You Ready for a Deeper Fulfillment in Your Life?

We assist those with this deep longing for Home and for deeper fulfillment, to access their expanded Presence, in which their own Higher Self directs and guides that expansion and fulfillment of purpose. We set out a clear path for re-establishing inner integrity with Self and Soul. Our Curriculum of Self Mastery helps the student achieve an improved relationship between the inner masculine and the inner feminine, re-engaging our Divinity in the Sacred Union Within, creating a conscious bridge back into the Worlds of One, from which we descended so long ago.

Classes and Courses from Entry Level to Advanced

We offer entry level courses by telephone and as downloadable files, tools for you begin your Alignment process, rewrite your stories about relationships, money, abundance, Sacred Union within, and prepare yourself to dramatically expand your activated chakra system to power the manifestation of your expanded life in multi-dimensional reality.

Easy Access from Anywhere in the World

Most of our work is done over the phone, internet, Skype and teleconferences, with the potential for live events when they are sponsored.
We also provide individual intensive coaching packages over the phone, internet and Skype.
Please take a look around our site, and when you are ready, download the FREE OFFER, 11 min audio/visual /pdf and SEE/FEEL how a taste of this work resonates with you!

I feel a divine completeness within and my universe is reflecting back to me this new energy that I am experiencing. This work nourishes the spirit and soul in and on all levels, and once you feel the effects, you will understand what I mean.

J. Dean – A Participant in Our Curriculum