Alignment with Your Divine Plan and the Power of Making Calls

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Have you ever thought about how aligned you are with your own Divine Plan?  What are you doing to assure that you are on track?  Each of us, when we chose embodiment, came in with some form of Divine Plan and purpose, which was the whole reason for leaving the sublime realms of spirit and incarnating in the density of physical form.  We all know, deep inside, it is about more than living to work to make payments on a car and a house so you keep a good credit rating!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be “really on track”, with everything “clicking” in your life?  Knowing why you are here and what to do?  It might be as simple as “Calling yourself into alignment” with your Divine Path.  Many people are now feeling “there is something more for me”, but don’t know what it is or how to find it.  Some will read books, or take classes, or even work with a life coach to help them get it into focus.  Many of these things will stimulate remembering of bits and pieces of the plan, and move one generally in the direction, if one is intent on finding what you are looking for.

Often people say that the reason they can not do something is because of the money.  Our perspective is that to do or not do a thing is never a money issue, but an alignment issue.  If the alignment is there, the universal forces “line up” to support the event.  Shondra’s own personal experience bears this out over and over again…. With examples such as a $3000 trip to Mexico that manifested in a week, when her monthly inflow had been much less than that …. “Simply because I Called in the alignment with my Divine Plan, and the trip/workshop was ON THE PLAN, so voila!  I went!”

When she does energetic assessments for our clients, it is common for those who have not discovered the power of alignment to be muddling along at about 30% or so, just like we both were not so long ago.  And more often than not, there is no major block in the way, just a lack of focus and understanding of how to get the alignment back in order.  It IS simple, but just as a pilot does many course corrections to keep the plane on course, so must we keep calling ourselves into (renewed ) higher alignment with our Divine Plan to keep our lives on course and “on Purpose.”

Making the Call into Alignment

It is important to understand that a Call is more like an empowered instruction that engages your I Am Self or Higher Self, to make something so.  It is engaging an inner power that lies within you, not dealing with some external power to “help” you.  It is an effectual rearranging of the picture from inside, so that the picture reflected back on the outside can shift and realign to the new “specifications.”

To Call yourself into alignment with your Divine Purpose and Path, first pause and clear your mind of everything else.  Take a few deep breaths while you create an inner focus.  Stand with your feet solidly on the ground, so you can feel the earth, and have a little bounce in your knees.  Then make a statement similar to the following, with a sense of strength and authority in your life, body and being as you speak powerfully to your Self:

I AM that I AM Calling my entire Being, Soul and Body in to perfect, 100% alignment with my Divine Plan and Purpose Now!  So BE It!  So It IS!  Anchor Lock and Seal I AM!

As you finish, tighten your gut and plant your feet more firmly on the earth, with a strong breath, to anchor it in.  Repeat this over and over until you feel it click in at 100% alignment.  When Shondra started with a 30% alignment, it would take about 7 to 10 Calls to get it to “click”.  When we did the calls every day, it would only slip to about 80% for a while, until we got better at holding it consistently.  At 80%, it only takes about 3 Calls to bring it back. Now one Call will restore any slippage.

From the time Shondra began making this Call for herself, the details of her life began to shift into fully supporting me doing what I KNOW I AM HERE TO DO, and deep joy began to well up from my soul, because I was “on track”.   We’ve seen shifts in many of our clients alignments follow similar tracks, resulting in huge life shifts bringing much deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment of purpose. Bringing yourself consistently into alignment with your Divine Plan, Path and Purpose can be the best gift you ever gave yourself.

Blessed IS,

Shondra ~ Rose of Light and Rev Jeremiah Lindsay

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