What Does “Multi-Dimensional” Mean?

And How Will The Shift in 2012 Affect Me?

What is Multi-Dimensional?

What this really means in the most basic terms, is becoming able to move beyond the reference points we have relied upon all of our lives, and draw upon resources that access new energies and higher creativity in order to successfully meet what is before us as we approach The Shift of the Ages.  It is our current understanding that as of September 2009, the underlying energetic support for the 3rd Dimensional (physical)  and the 4th Dimensional (mind and psyche) world has been withdrawn.  This means that the structures that have insufficient integrity to exist beyond these dimensions WILL BE FAILING and collapsing, wherever they are not supported WITH INTEGRITY by higher, more sublime dimensions of energy.

What does this look like?

Economic down-turns are causing many people to find themselves without an income, financial industry causing them to lose their homes, airports shutting down and stopping commerce for days because of volcanic ash, earthquakes devastating a whole country that has barely a clue how to function.  As long as 3 D and 4 D were inherently supported by the Life Forces of the Earth, you could figure out with your head how to “make things  work”, write a business plan, get a loan, use a credit card to get food from Wal-Mart.  But what happens when all the structures those things are built upon fall apart?  What will people do?  How will they function?  Who will help them?  How will they hold their psyche together to overcome the obstacles before them and create something new?

As we get closer and deeper into The Shift associated with 2012, the less the old ways of doing things are going to work, or eventually be of any help at all, and it is not about praying to some far away deity or friendly ET’s to come get us out of this mess.  It IS about waking up to remember that each one of us is responsible for having created and allowed our own reality, and each one of us is the only one who can change it for ourselves.  And together, as a team of conscious creators, we can co-create a brand new reality of our choosing.  However, it is necessary to become conscious, and learn what tools you have and what resources you have available to you and within you.

Part of what “multi-dimensional” means is getting more of your chakras open AND ACTIVATED.  Chakras (King David called them “ancient doors or gates” in his Psalm # 24) are your basic energy centers through which cosmic energy pours into us and through us to use to manifest our reality with our intentions, thoughts, words and deeds.  Most people only address the primary chakras beginning with the First or Root Chakra going up to the Seventh or Crown Chakra.  Actually the Divine Masculine Chakra system begins with the Root and continues to go High or well up above the Crown.  The open chakras receive energy, but it is only through the activated ones that you impact your world, and realistically can change your reality.

If you are limited to only 4-D chakras, that is the only realm in which you can “play”, and if that is what is falling apart around you, you have little or nothing to work with.  It is the multi-dimensional energies that will act as the glue to hold things together.   It is only when you get your 5th Dimensional chakras (#19 to 33, see chart below) functioning that you can begin to function outside of the “box” of the illusion of separation, where all the lack, limitation, illness and death have held us.

When you expand beyond this box, you CAN begin to create, and call into being, new answers to the questions and situations before you.  Inside the box, your hands are tied to old answers that are rapidly falling away right before our eyes.

So how can you get beyond the box? 

How can you begin to access the more expanded dimensions, beyond 4D?  How do you “wake up out of the illusion” that 3D (and maybe 4D!) is all there is?  Could it be that “the Lord strong and mighty, the King of Glory, from whence comes our help” in King David’s Psalm is really your Higher Self, your I AM Presence?  Opening to your Higher Self is really the first step, as all the answers we seek are there, all expansion to multiple dimensions begins with opening the access to this level of your own being. With open access to your I AM Self, then it is just a matter of consistently applying many simple tools to keep expanding your Presence here.

Dimensions of Chakras

Chakras from #1 to 18 are in 4th Dimension

#19 to 33 in 5th Dimension

#34 to 47 in 6th Dimension

# 48 to 61 in 7th Dimension

# 62 to 75 in 8th Dimension

And up, ad infinitum …

In the NE COL Curriculum of Self Mastery WE offer:

  • Simple meditative exercises to open up the access to your Higher Self
  • Journaling to bring more inner self-awareness
  • Multi-dimensional Assessments
  • Podcast Series and Audio Files
  • Teleconference Series and Events to support your journey of expanding in M-D
  • Simple Daily Tools to focus, hone and clear your energy for more effective functioning

With the resources and tools we offer, you can choose to remember how you got into the box, remember how to get out, and discover how to reclaim your sovereignty as a conscious creator, with total authority and autonomy over your own reality and how to reconstruct it according your own Divine Plan.

Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay and Shondra ~ Rose of Light, co-founders of New Earth Center of Light, SA, Costa Rica,  have each been working in the realm of spiritual healing and higher conscious evolution for decades.  Their present work represents a synthesis and culmination of their focus on the spiritual freedom and empowerment effected by the joining of the inner Divine Masculine with the inner Divine Feminine into the Sacred Union Within, including significant work with the little known Divine Feminine Chakra System.

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