Alternatives of Present As a Measure of Health of the Psyche

This article is the first in a new newsletter series on our work with Return Path to the Light.

How can you get a quick read of where a person is mentally/emotionally/spiritually without knowing anything else about them?  Can this help us meet the needs of those “in need” around us who don’t know what is wrong, what help to ask for or even seem open to assistance?  Read this short article to find out!

First, for our Readers who are new to the concept of Return Path to the Light:  The Return Path to the Light is the connection to our Spirit Source that our being keeps in place to make sure we get back “Home” to the Light from which we descended into the densities of matter and 3 D.  It could be seen as a kind of thin umbilical cord, that stays connected to our heart and helps us find our way, even in the relative darkness of these realms, and when our life ends, we follow it back to the Light.  Our work with RP has focused around making sure this is in place for a soul, both for the living and those who have crossed over.  It can be dropped or thrown down, if a soul becomes too disillusioned or feels too betrayed, thus leaving the soul like a rudderless boat on a dark sea.  It seems to require soul-care assistance to convince a soul, or prod a soul into picking it back up again. The main subject of this article, Alternatives of Present, is a primary indicator as to the health and condition of the Return Path connection for the living.

I was first introduced to this concept about 25 years ago, when I was dowsing with a pendulum, and learning various bodies of knowledge that used dowsing.  Only, at that time, it was “alternatives of future”, not present.  Then at some point, the energies on the planet shifted… maybe around 2000, and there WAS NO MORE Future!  Only Present, in my reads.  Hence… “Alternatives of Present”:

Alternatives of Present is a read of the number of options or possible paths open to a person in any one moment.  It CAN be very mobile, but the lower it is, the more stagnant or depressing life may seem.  “Optimal” would be infinite, because you would be such a prolific creator, that you would be creating new options all the time, with no limit.

The first “healthy” number of options is nine, and the further beyond 9 you go, the more expansive and positive your outlook on life.  The further below nine options you go, the more contracted and restricted will be one’s view of life.  The average for humanity is around 7 alternatives of Present, which is some degree of depression, or feeling down, some of the time.  Generally speaking, 6, 7 and 8 are various levels of pessimism or depression, and usually the reason people turn to therapy, TV, video games, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or meds to deal with mild symptoms.  When a person has dropped to about 5 alternatives left, if professional help has not already been sought it likely will be now, or,  “self-medicating” becomes a more serious pastime. Frequently addictions set in at this point.

When a person gets down to 5 or 4 options left open, there is a profound level of doubt in Spirit (God, etc) that is likely to be engaged.  And when “life” deals one more hard blow (like loss of income, loved one, home, relationship, etc.), this is often when the soul feels so betrayed by its Spirit Source for not “helping”, that it gets angry, and throws down the connection to Spirit Source (this is “God” in most people’s inner cosmology), and disconnects from the very thing that gives life its meaning.  Once this step has happened, the Alternatives of Present can hang around 4 or spiral downward from there.

At Three Alternatives of Present, thoughts of suicide begin to enter the stage, and musings of whether one’s life is even worth staying around for.  Contracting a little more, to TWO Alternatives of Present, and one is likely to be reviewing possible scenarios, and deciding which of two ways would be best.  At ONE Alternative of Present, there is only one way to go, and it is a test of one’s character not to take it.

There is a ZERO POINT that one can also go through, but to pass through it and out the other side successfully, without taking one’s own life requires either or both: a profound commitment to a sense of higher spiritual mission/ OR someone strong, “holding you” through it.  Most Suicides are committed in a zero point.  Most freak accidents, unexpected deaths, deaths on the battlefield or deaths during bizarre atrocities occur to those whose Return Path has been dropped for some time, alignment with Divine Plan walked away from, and there is nothing holding the integrity of being for the continuation of the embodiment. We have found very few exceptions to this.

Generally speaking, when a person “picks up their Return Path to the Light”, the number of Alternatives of Present read will go from 3 or 4, to 7 or 8 at the low end, or 9 to 12 on the high end.  This will result in the person feeling a shift into hopefulness, optimism, and things “opening up”, new possibilities arising, a brighter outlook on life, and a general improvement in one’s sense of well-being and level of activity.

We also notice that when an intelligent or spiritually evolved person’s RP is down, it is harder to tell, because they know so many ways to make the best of a bad situation, that the soul condition is often missed.  However when the RP is picked up, it is usually quite noticeable in the shift in what is happening for the person.  We also report that we know of NO ONE who, once their RP was thrown down, figured out how to pick it up again without external assistance to instruct the soul on a soul level, on what to do to remedy their situation. They seem to need someone else “holding a flashlight for them”!  This is what we now know how to do, and can also train others to do, for all those in need of this soul-level care today.

We hope this article has been helpful in understanding Alternatives of Present, particularly in reference to your own recent experience (or that of a Loved One), especially if you have been referred to this article.

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Deep Blessings,

Rev. Shondra ~ Rose of Light with Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay

Awaken Your Light staff


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