Divine Plan Alignment: Your Best Safety Plan

We have noticed, via much research in recent months, a direct correlation between sudden or tragic deaths and serious accidents, and a much diminished level of alignment with one’s Divine Plan. We have researched, and looked at car accidents, atrocity events, rapes, battlefield deaths, murders and a few other kinds of events that involve death or serious injury. In every case, each person’s alignment with their Divine Plan was down to almost nothing or had gone out altogether. We now feel that alignment with Divine Plan is the best form of insurance one can have.

First we’ll establish context by addressing “multidimensional.” Being multidimensional means getting more aligned with the Oneness with All That Is and Opening and Activating more of your chakras.  In his 24th Psalm, King David called chakras the “ancient doors or gates, through which the King of Glory enters”. We can take this as a reference to our I AM Self, who meets us through our higher chakras. The open chakras receive energy, but it is only through the activated ones that you impact your world, and realistically can change your reality.  It is with the Activated Chakras in the 5th dimension, and beyond, that you can begin to function outside of the “box” of the illusion of separation, where all the lack, limitation, illness and death have held us. When you expand beyond this box, you CAN begin to create, and call into being new answers to the questions and situations before you.

Now we will share with a story from the trench warfare battlefields of WW 1. The daily casualty rate along the Allied Lines was very high across every company save one. The company with a very low casualty rate was pulled off the line so the Generals learn why. The only thing they found was that every morning, after a meal the entire company stood together and chanted the 23rd Psalm. Please consider that King David was addressing the I Am Self, not something out there and here these men, in something akin to a sacred union relationship with each other were invoking their I Am Self and that of their Sacred Union Being to protect them.

Our Research:  In general, looking at humanity as a whole, over the last 5 years, the average level of alignment with Divine Plan is about 12-14%. People who live very consciously or spiritually usually have higher levels, up to perhaps 50%. Though this may have been different in other eras, it has taken a great deal of focus and work to move it closer to 100% in recent years. We notice that alcohol, heavy meds and recreational drug use tend to reduce alignment, distancing the individual from the place where we connect with our Divine Plan.

When a person begins to drop alignment (for any number of reasons or influences), if the drop continues for any length of time, one gets into the DANGER ZONE around 4 or 5%. If it keeps on dropping, there is less and less spiritual protection to keep “bad things” from happening, and less and less support for your physical embodiment to continue. Around 2% alignment with Divine Plan, one enters the CRITICAL ZONE. This is when many moderately serious accidents and acute illnesses occur, taking a person down for weeks or months of recovery. This is really a time to stop focusing “out there”, and get your “internal affairs in order”, and choose to get the details of your life more together and raise your alignment, or, on a soul level to give up, and wait for another blow to come and take you further down and eventually out of the game of life. This period can last a long or short time, depending on many factors.

In most cases, if the decrease in Divine Plan alignment has been very gradual or hovering at low levels for a long time, this can all drag out for months or years. However, if the descent has been rapid, from a consistently higher level of alignment, a swift fall is more likely, accompanied by an intense, very clear CHOICE POINT for a more evolved, conscious individual. This could come in the form of a car accident, a fall, a sudden onset physical illness or flare-up of a latent one, or being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” kind of event.

So if your Divine Plan alignment has fallen below 2%, it is not that someone else is necessarily “out to get you”, but that your universe will take out that which is no longer aligned enough to justify its continued existence. Being at or below 2% alignment for any length of time, and there is not enough “integrity” left in your energy field to keep out the dangers that are present all the time. Life support for a life form that is not holding alignment with Divine Plan will simply be bumped out by literally anything that comes along.

How do I know what my level of Divine Plan alignment is? Some people can use a pendulum or dowse, or other means of self-discernment, but most people have not learned these skills, and therefore are less likely to have this in focus. If you have not learned self-discernment skills, but you desire to know where you are, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE for clues.

Here are some warning signs your Divine Plan Alignment is low:

  • How safe do you feel? ( scale of one to ten)
  • How stable does your life feel? ( scale of one to ten)
  • Do you feel safe driving? ( scale of one to ten)
  • How secure do you feel in your home? And about keeping your home? ( 1 to 10)
  • How secure do you feel in your relationships? ( scale of one to ten)
  • Have you had any “close calls” recently?
  • Have tripped over anything, fallen, bruised or cut yourself recently?
  • Have you made any really “bad business decisions” that are weighing heavily on you?
  • Are you deeply worried about your finances?
  • Have you had any ominous feelings that something may be sneaking up on you, or something bad about to happen, but you don’t know what?
  • When you go to bed at night, do you feel at peace or worried?
  • Do you have panic attacks, experience paranoia or take meds just “to function”?
  • In your heart, are you “sure everything is ok”?
  • Do you doubt your decisions or have trouble deciding?
  • Are things “working out” in your life, feeling in the flow?

If you did not get perfect answers on all of these questions, you can be pretty sure that your Divine Plan Alignment is lower than is safe, and you could benefit from improvement. If you got low answers on MOST or all of these, some immediate and focused attention to your Divine Plan Alignment could literally “Save Your Life”.

What can I do if my Divine Plan Alignment is low? : Get into a quiet space and focus on your soul and spirit. Make every effort to engage as much of your being as you can. Then speak these words with as much authority as you can muster, over and over, until you feel safer and more at peace. Do this often, and continue it daily, as a regular practice.


 Short version to use as a mantra,  “Divine Plan Aligned I AM!”

How long should it take to turn things around? That depends on you, how long it has been low, how low it is when you start, and how much priority and focus you give to it. You will be able to tell when it improves, because you will FEEL better, more secure, at ease, relaxed, safe. And, positive things will start happening in your life. The better you feel, the less you will need to do it (but don’t stop, just because you feel good for an hour!)

How often should I do it? As often as you can, until you turn things around. Once you have stabilized your life again, we recommend making it a daily practice, like brushing your teeth. Doing it WITH OTHERS may also add strength to your efforts, help everyone, as well as being more fun.

Do I need help with it? Who can help me? That is up to you. If this subject calls to you to give it more attention, or you desire support, you can get the Alignments Package from our website, and be invited to attend our weekly alignments practice clinics, currently held on Tuesdays. At these calls, we spend up to an hour with those who attend, first doing basic alignment calls together, and then briefly coaching each participant individually on making effective, life-changing alignment calls for you. WE look forward to serving YOU!

Deep Blessings on Your Awakened and Aligned Life!

Revs Shondra & Jeremiah Lindsay

Curriculum of Self Mastery Staff of the Awaken Your Light Center of Light

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