Father’s Day Greetings ~ 2013 The True Divine Masculine

Father’s Day Greetings ~ 2013: The True Divine Masculine

The USA is celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday so this newsletter touches on some of what we have experienced from our Fathers and others who provided a paternal (fatherly) role in our lives. Our work at Awaken Your Light is grounded in a deeper understanding of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and the importance of the Holy Sacred Union of the two in each embodied human who would ascend out of the Illusion of Separation.   Many of us are seeking the experience of Being One with All That IS (Oneness) as a part of their personal path. A portion of that path is coming to understand in the core of our body and Being the truth of the nature of the Masculine and of the Feminine. This article addresses some of the key qualities of the Divine Masculine before we each look at how our own Father exemplified those qualities even as they were very “human” beings.

If we look around what is happening in the world today, the pictures that meet us reveal man-made institutions and activities that are grossly out of integrity and damaging to life on all levels, including the planet, whose health and wellbeing as a living organism is now significantly at risk. In all of these, we can see the presence and functioning of a masculine deeply separated from his feminine and distanced from his divine form, the Divine Masculine. So distanced, that he can brutalize his own mother without conscience or regret. Seeing this, we do not see the answer in replacing this corrupted power with the wisdom and power of the current expression of feminine, who is just as out of balance and wounded as he. The answer we see lies in calling forward and energizing the Divine Masculine, whose presence is missing from the picture described above. Some of the qualities of the Divine Masculine are the following (you may notice they are the opposite of his fallen, wounded form’s characteristics): Loving, honoring and cherishing the feminine and her young; Protection; Accountability and Integrity; Divine Plan and Purpose, Alignment, and Supports All Life.

As we consider a day honoring Fathers and all that is noble about the masculine, we can look to these qualities to see where they ARE exemplified around us and within us, most notably in those we knew as “fathers” or those who held a fatherly space for us in some way, or those near or dear to us who are holding the space of “father” for someone now. Fathers model the masculine for us. To be a “good father” one must start by loving, honoring and cherishing the mother/Mother who bears his child, providing protection and a safe space for her to nurture the child(ren). He operates with accountability and integrity, “taking good care of his own”. He plans for the wellbeing of his family, seeing that needs are met, that life is stable. He aligns himself for being present to take care of their needs as they grow. Most of all, a good father supports the life of his family, and in the broader sense of being One with All that is, the Divine Masculine supports ALL life.

Shondra: “As I look at all that my father exemplified for me, I can see many reflections of these divine qualities of the masculine, providing for me on many levels throughout my life. This is the second Father’s Day since he passed on, and I can honestly say that it was not until after he left this life that I actually understood some of the deeper levels of his “support of my life”, that made it possible for me to be fulfilling my Divine Plan now. Love and Deep Gratitude for this! Thank You, Daddy. <3 “

Jeremiah: “A large piece of my understanding of the experience of this embracing the Divine Masculine within comes from putting lots of pieces together about my Dad who voluntarily enlisted in 1942 even though he was exempt. He was driving the tank that opened the gate at Buchenwald Concentration Camp and witnessed the truth of the Holocaust. On 2 November 2003, I was honored to an event, on his behalf, at the Tribute to Holocaust Survivors – A Reunion of a Special Family at the US Holocaust Museum. I met with 7 living survivors of Buchenwald and members of their families. They were eager to know of my Father as my presence connected them with the soldiers who freed them long ago and to express their deep gratitude.

Following my Near Death Experience (NDE) in 2000 I expanded my Reiki practice to include Tantric Shamanic Healing and ultimately Sacred Body Integration (primarily with women). In this sacred service I immersed deeply into the Divine Feminine and was ever seeking access to embracing the Divine Feminine within. Everything I saw of the Masculine took me deeper into my body (feminine) and away from the Wounded Masculine I witnessed: the distorted mental masturbation and need to debate, the seeking of power over others, men surreptitiously accessing and using women’s creative energies to source personal projects and even women whose inner Wounded Masculine accessed the electric forcing and organizing power of men to accelerate their projects. How could there be anything divine about the Masculine?

My breakthrough in this came during meditation in July 2007 when I heard the following words from my I Am Self, “The True Divine Masculine supports all life in the Cosmos, not just some of it.” As I embraced this energetic, I recalled my Father’s telling me that he had repeatedly refused to join the Ku Klux Klan after WW2, losing jobs and family acceptance because he considered that we were all the same.   Thanks Dad for showing me that the Masculine can support all life, even in the face of immense opposition.”

So our question for you is, “How did your Father or another paternal figure in your life show you an aspect of the Divine Masculine?”


Deep Blessings on Your Awakened and Aligned Life!

Rev Jeremiah Lindsay MSS/RMT & Rev Shondra ~ Rose of Light


Curriculum of Self Mastery Staff of the Awaken Your Light Center of Light

 We will be offering a new series of classes for the Awaken Your Light Curriculum of Self Mastery beginning in September.   If you are interested in learning how the Divine Masculine can awaken in your life’s experience please connect with us on our Facebook page, Awaken Your Light and let us know your intentions.

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