SOLSTICE 2013: BE the Love You ARE ~ NO ‘Sending’ Required!

SOLSTICE 2013: BE the Love You ARE ~ NO ‘Sending’ Required! 

Many are seeking the experience of Being One with All That IS (Oneness) as a part of their personal path.  We’re seeing advertisements, invitations and numerous personal requests for or about experiencing Oneness, which start off with an intention to send love/energy/healing to someone else or to a specific group.  It is our observation that using an intention to ‘send’ something somewhere else actually reinforces the experience of Separation on the part of the Being doing the Sending as well as the BEing on the “so-called” Receiving end.  Notice that I used the word “BEing.”  If our BEing hears/sees our conscious self speak/write in words which separate, how can there BE an experience of ONEness?

To answer this I’m choosing to tell the multi-pronged story of how I came to my answers for this question, which begins with me, as a teenager in a farming and mill-town in South Carolina. At that time, I really desired to become an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. That was not to be, and life circumstances led me to accept an appointment to the US Naval Academy in 1958, graduating in 1962. I was an ordained Lay Leader for most of my sea tours and then retired after 25 years active service in 1983. Thus began the second prong of a 25 year career as a consulting engineer with firms supporting various parts of the US Navy.  This second career ended in 2008, with me taking a year away from using any form of healing before embarking on creating a spiritual center her in Costa Rica.

The third prong of my embodiment began with my participation in a number of 12-Step Programs, which I left after about three years as I saw that saying, “I Am a fill-in the blankwas actually sentencing myself to that forever.  So, in 1993 I chose to re-create my life based on my relationship with my Higher Power as I then understood God and by Being in Integrity with my I Am Self.  When my first Reiki treatment ended a 3 year headache following sinus surgery I committed to being trained in Reiki 1 & 2.  My RMT (Reiki Master/Teacher) was so amazed at how easily I mastered the distance healing symbol in all its forms and in speech that she decided I was a re-incarnated Reiki Master.  I was as effective, if not more so, with Distance Reiki than with hands on, though my personal satisfaction and sense of doing what I was supposed to be doing was linked to direct hands-on work.   Because I saw hands-on work was my form of service, I started looking for a way to be ordained so I was not in violation of any of the State of Virginia’s statutes on touch.

In my own practice as a Reiki Master/Teacher, beginning with Reiki 1 & 2 in 1993, I stopped “sending healing anywhere or to anyone” back in 2004, as I came to understand the concept of expansion to be All That I AM.  Essentially, I learned to consciously expand the energetic matrix/field which I Am to contain, hold and maintain all of the Love I Am.  Remember if we really are one with the One of All That IS, the Love Reservoir is infinite.  With that expansion I stopped the practice of “sending” love, healing or energy.  I also ceased needing to go Out Of Body to effect healing with a client in another part of the planet.

I just expanded to be large enough to embrace them in my energy field wherever and whenever they BE.  They could feel the embrace of the love and in that space they could heal themselves; which is all anyone ever does anyway.

(By the way, in our work at Awaken Your Light, we are not even “sending” agents of separation anywhere ( to the Light, etc).  We embrace them in enough love that all by which they have held themselves separate dissolves, and they are then able, with Grace, to merge and reintegrate back into Integrity with the Oneness of All That IS, and thus BE Home in the One, no longer Separate.)

Your process of embracing and Being All the Love that YOU ARE does not need to take as many years as mine did.  You can start practicing right now. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself expanding as big as you desire to expand to, perhaps to the distance large enough to embrace a loved one 3 states away, or even a continent away. Focus on holding a space of Love as big as that expansion, holding everyone and everything inside that space in your love, bathing them, and energetically inviting them to expand in that Love as well. As people “accept the invitation”, you will likely start hearing about THEIR experiences which coincide with your expansion and invitation. Try it!  And let us know how it goes for you. (You can listen to this link to our guided meditation for this expansion.)

The Solstice is a very powerful time to work consciously with energies, as the energies present tend to have the effect of magnifying whatever energy you are holding. Therefore, to spend focused time in conscious expansion of your Love during this time becomes a magnified support and a service to the planet and the many life forms with whom we share this earth. Thank you for doing your part!

For those who desire an expedited route for learning how to expand your conscious energies, Awaken Your Light’s Curriculum of Self Mastery (AYL CoSM) contains within it tools to radically expand your chakra systems and your ability to function effectively in multiple dimensions. We do special group meditations every solstice and equinox with our CoSM students. The next point of entry for new students into the AYL CoSM group work is in September 2013.

Deep Blessings on Your Awakened and Aligned Life!

Rev Jeremiah Lindsay MSS/RMT with Shondra ~ Rose of Light


Curriculum of Self Mastery Staff of the  

Awaken Your Light Center of Light

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