About Us

Dear Reader,

This website represents the work of the late Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay and his widow, Rev. Shondra ~ Rose of Light ~ Lindsay. As his passing in Sept 2013 was sudden and unexpected, updates to this website and their work have been put on pause, until Rev. Shondra is in a position to move this work forward again, in a public way. Website contact will be answered as we are able.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Admins

Rev. Shondra will be relocating to the Denver area in April.

What We Do 

  • We are involved in cutting a path Home for those who are willing to embrace the personal work it requires.
  • We focus on how to take full responsibility, accountability and authority over every aspect of our reality and all of our manifestations, and build tool-sets to make it possible for others to do this also, without re-inventing the wheel.
  • We use Life Force as a powerful tool for transformation and transmutation, and engage deeply in the Sacred Union Within of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, wielding pristine, balanced power.  Because of this deep work, we are especially well prepared to assist others in learning to do the same.
  • We only work with those who are serious about taking full responsibility for their own creation, and about creating their own path “Home” to the Sacred Union Within.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We are creating tool sets and processes for others to make the transition from Separation to Oneness with relative ease and grace.  We do not offer to anyone else what we have not already test-driven and made sure it works.  We are masters in our field, and we do not see anyone else out there offering what we can do, with the depth of skill at which we work.  We are working at levels and frequencies we are not aware of any other teacher or group accessing, and it is time a few others got access and became adept in them also.

This is who we are:

Rev Shondra Lindsay – Shondra ~ Rose of Light

Awakener, Facilitator, Multidimensional Trainer, Spiritual Counselor, Researcher, Speaker and Author

Shondra ~ Rose of Light works with the I AM Self within and with a multitude of the Hosts of Light.   Her service to the planet and humanity is to foster a smooth transition from duality and Separation into the New Earth/ New Paradigm. She brings 36 years and many lifetimes of experience to her multi-dimensional work in realms of spiritual healing and accelerated development. With a focus on the Divine Feminine, the Awakened Divine Masculine and their Sacred Union Within, she is uniquely equipped to co-create spiritual advancement with those who are intent on their conscious spiritual Self Realization.  Shondra and her husband, Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay are co-founders of Awaken Your Light, with its full Curriculum of Self Mastery.

School of Self Mastery

I, Shondra, experienced my first spiritual awakening at age 15, which oriented my life and service toward education, healing and the awakening of humanity. By 17, I had begun my study of many healing modalities, quickly advancing to accessing soul and spirit levels.  I was fascinated by modalities that worked with subtle energies, which I soon discovered I had a facility for discerning and shifting with conscious intent and simple techniques that I eclectically accumulated from many sources.  In my early years, I trained in the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner and helped with the founding of a Waldorf School. I traveled to many countries during college, getting a “world education”.  I trained in Reiki, discovered my roots in the Melchizedek Priesthood, and expanded my repertoire of spiritual tools, always seeking to be the master of my self, rather than seeking any “guru.”

From Separation to Oneness

Around the Harmonic Convergence, I began to get the message it was time to bring in some children, so I found a daddy, got married and home-birthed 4 gorgeous Light Beings. I focused on being a 24-7 mom, raising them for a bunch of years, all the while chomping at the bit to get on with my spiritual work, which I felt to be the bigger part of my reason for being on this planet at this time.  In 2005, during a time of extreme physical challenge, I made the difficult choice to commit to a path that would support “doing my work”, no matter what it “looked like”.  6 months later I was a single mom with 4 kids, and 15 months after that, Spirit had “cut me loose to go do It”.  It took another 2.5 yrs to free myself of all my attachments and  belongings  and get me (with just two suitcases)  to Costa Rica, in partnership with a viable partner that totally shares my mission, making possible what neither of us could have accomplished solo. And so for two solid years, with all of our toolsets employed to the max, Jeremiah and I have been focused, literally 24-7, on the task of discerning and cutting a path from Separation back to Oneness, our Sphere of One.

Alignment With Divine Plan

Along side of all these things I have been learning and practicing in the spiritual healing arts, learned to dowse with a pendulum 30 yrs ago , and then graduated to finger dowsing (self muscle-testing) and yoni dowsing (from the root chakra), as a tool to check my progress, and to satisfy my insatiable curiosity about everything.  Being able to get clear, and get information about ANYTHING I desired to research has been a passion AND has served us well in discerning this Path Home we have been working on. This is one of the many things I can offer to those who come to learn with us.  I use the dowsing skills combined with multiple gifts and skills in clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience in all my work on myself, in partnership, session work and group work to support the highest alignment with Divine Plan that I can discern.

Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay MSS, RMT

I am the Founder of Center of Light LLC in USA and a Co-Creator of the Awaken Your Light  in Costa Rica, along with my partner Shondra ~ Rose of Light.  We hold the space for our Spiritual Center in Costa Rica and publish a periodic newsletter for the Awaken Your Light with archives that you can access from the bottom of this page.  I have provided spiritual and energetic healing in various forms since ’93. I am an ordained minister of Spiritual Science, a certified practitioner of Healing The Masters Way and a certified Reiki Master Teacher. The work which comes through me is guided by Spirit to elicit the kind of profound healing responses that create access to one’s I AM Self. Clients have found that this heals and generates a deeper relationship with their inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. 

Sacred Body Integration

I have distilled all of that along with Tantric Shamanic Healing into something I call Sacred Body Integration (SBI). The SBI work which comes through me occurs as a rebirthing experience, generating love for your self/Self. This allows for the Sacred Union between one’s Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  I consider it a great honor and very humbling to be present as others rebirth themselves, whether in person or over the phone, from old memories and conversations into a more available NOW!

Journey’s Awakening

I, Jeremiah, began my Journey’s Awakening through a number of 12 Step programs in 1990 which brought forward the memories of things my I Am Self had chosen to experience through me as a young child.  In my seeking of various modalities of healing self I came to know that we are all already whole and complete and that we have each chosen all of the experiences we have ever had.  I also learned that that which I then called God and now understand as my I Am Self, would bring forward into consciousness only that for which I was ready to embrace, love and lay down.  In 2000, as I approached my 60th birthday I grew impatient and demanded to know everything Now!  Within days I found my body being deeply probed by a swami, which left deep bruises, one of which turned into a massive blood clot. It began throwing of small clots which settled in my lungs as I went to the ER on my 60th birthday with massive pulmonary emboli.  They started a 24 hour drip of a plasma-genesis agent to transform the clots back to hemoglobin at almost precisely 60 years from the moment of my birth at 8:30pm.  The three Doctors attending all agreed I had a likelihood of about 1% for even walking out of the hospital.  That night I experienced floating up out of my body; saw my friend sleeping in a chair beside me as the monitors flat-lined without an alarm (she later recalled “seeing” me leave) as I went through the ceiling into the Light.  I had what seemed like a lengthy conversation with three Beings of Light but have no indication of the actual time out.  I was given the choice to continue home as I had completed all on my Divine Plan or to take on a new Divine Plan.  My life and work has been on an accelerating path towards what I now know as Sacred Union within as part of creating a viable path out of Separation Consciousness into Unity Consciousness and the Sphere of One.