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Dear Reader,

This website represents the work of the late Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay and his widow, Rev. Shondra ~ Rose of Light ~ Lindsay. As his passing in Sept 2013 was sudden and unexpected, updates to this website and their work have been put on pause, until Rev. Shondra is in a position to move this work forward again, in a public way. Website contact will be answered as we are able.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Admins

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SOLSTICE 2013: BE the Love You ARE ~ NO ‘Sending’ Required!

SOLSTICE 2013: BE the Love You ARE ~ NO ‘Sending’ Required! 

Many are seeking the experience of Being One with All That IS (Oneness) as a part of their personal path.  We’re seeing advertisements, invitations and numerous personal requests for or about experiencing Oneness, which start off with an intention to send love/energy/healing to someone else or to a specific group.  It is our observation that using an intention to ‘send’ something somewhere else actually reinforces the experience of Separation on the part of the Being doing the Sending as well as the BEing on the “so-called” Receiving end.  Notice that I used the word “BEing.”  If our BEing hears/sees our conscious self speak/write in words which separate, how can there BE an experience of ONEness?

To answer this I’m choosing to tell the multi-pronged story of how I came to my answers for this question, which begins with me, as a teenager in a farming and mill-town in South Carolina. At that time, I really desired to become an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. That was not to be, and life circumstances led me to accept an appointment to the US Naval Academy in 1958, graduating in 1962. I was an ordained Lay Leader for most of my sea tours and then retired after 25 years active service in 1983. Thus began the second prong of a 25 year career as a consulting engineer with firms supporting various parts of the US Navy.  This second career ended in 2008, with me taking a year away from using any form of healing before embarking on creating a spiritual center her in Costa Rica.

The third prong of my embodiment began with my participation in a number of 12-Step Programs, which I left after about three years as I saw that saying, “I Am a fill-in the blankwas actually sentencing myself to that forever.  So, in 1993 I chose to re-create my life based on my relationship with my Higher Power as I then understood God and by Being in Integrity with my I Am Self.  When my first Reiki treatment ended a 3 year headache following sinus surgery I committed to being trained in Reiki 1 & 2.  My RMT (Reiki Master/Teacher) was so amazed at how easily I mastered the distance healing symbol in all its forms and in speech that she decided I was a re-incarnated Reiki Master.  I was as effective, if not more so, with Distance Reiki than with hands on, though my personal satisfaction and sense of doing what I was supposed to be doing was linked to direct hands-on work.   Because I saw hands-on work was my form of service, I started looking for a way to be ordained so I was not in violation of any of the State of Virginia’s statutes on touch.

In my own practice as a Reiki Master/Teacher, beginning with Reiki 1 & 2 in 1993, I stopped “sending healing anywhere or to anyone” back in 2004, as I came to understand the concept of expansion to be All That I AM.  Essentially, I learned to consciously expand the energetic matrix/field which I Am to contain, hold and maintain all of the Love I Am.  Remember if we really are one with the One of All That IS, the Love Reservoir is infinite.  With that expansion I stopped the practice of “sending” love, healing or energy.  I also ceased needing to go Out Of Body to effect healing with a client in another part of the planet.

I just expanded to be large enough to embrace them in my energy field wherever and whenever they BE.  They could feel the embrace of the love and in that space they could heal themselves; which is all anyone ever does anyway.

(By the way, in our work at Awaken Your Light, we are not even “sending” agents of separation anywhere ( to the Light, etc).  We embrace them in enough love that all by which they have held themselves separate dissolves, and they are then able, with Grace, to merge and reintegrate back into Integrity with the Oneness of All That IS, and thus BE Home in the One, no longer Separate.)

Your process of embracing and Being All the Love that YOU ARE does not need to take as many years as mine did.  You can start practicing right now. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself expanding as big as you desire to expand to, perhaps to the distance large enough to embrace a loved one 3 states away, or even a continent away. Focus on holding a space of Love as big as that expansion, holding everyone and everything inside that space in your love, bathing them, and energetically inviting them to expand in that Love as well. As people “accept the invitation”, you will likely start hearing about THEIR experiences which coincide with your expansion and invitation. Try it!  And let us know how it goes for you. (You can listen to this link to our guided meditation for this expansion.)

The Solstice is a very powerful time to work consciously with energies, as the energies present tend to have the effect of magnifying whatever energy you are holding. Therefore, to spend focused time in conscious expansion of your Love during this time becomes a magnified support and a service to the planet and the many life forms with whom we share this earth. Thank you for doing your part!

For those who desire an expedited route for learning how to expand your conscious energies, Awaken Your Light’s Curriculum of Self Mastery (AYL CoSM) contains within it tools to radically expand your chakra systems and your ability to function effectively in multiple dimensions. We do special group meditations every solstice and equinox with our CoSM students. The next point of entry for new students into the AYL CoSM group work is in September 2013.

Deep Blessings on Your Awakened and Aligned Life!

Rev Jeremiah Lindsay MSS/RMT with Shondra ~ Rose of Light


Curriculum of Self Mastery Staff of the  

Awaken Your Light Center of Light

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Father’s Day Greetings ~ 2013 The True Divine Masculine

Father’s Day Greetings ~ 2013: The True Divine Masculine

The USA is celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday so this newsletter touches on some of what we have experienced from our Fathers and others who provided a paternal (fatherly) role in our lives. Our work at Awaken Your Light is grounded in a deeper understanding of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and the importance of the Holy Sacred Union of the two in each embodied human who would ascend out of the Illusion of Separation.   Many of us are seeking the experience of Being One with All That IS (Oneness) as a part of their personal path. A portion of that path is coming to understand in the core of our body and Being the truth of the nature of the Masculine and of the Feminine. This article addresses some of the key qualities of the Divine Masculine before we each look at how our own Father exemplified those qualities even as they were very “human” beings.

If we look around what is happening in the world today, the pictures that meet us reveal man-made institutions and activities that are grossly out of integrity and damaging to life on all levels, including the planet, whose health and wellbeing as a living organism is now significantly at risk. In all of these, we can see the presence and functioning of a masculine deeply separated from his feminine and distanced from his divine form, the Divine Masculine. So distanced, that he can brutalize his own mother without conscience or regret. Seeing this, we do not see the answer in replacing this corrupted power with the wisdom and power of the current expression of feminine, who is just as out of balance and wounded as he. The answer we see lies in calling forward and energizing the Divine Masculine, whose presence is missing from the picture described above. Some of the qualities of the Divine Masculine are the following (you may notice they are the opposite of his fallen, wounded form’s characteristics): Loving, honoring and cherishing the feminine and her young; Protection; Accountability and Integrity; Divine Plan and Purpose, Alignment, and Supports All Life.

As we consider a day honoring Fathers and all that is noble about the masculine, we can look to these qualities to see where they ARE exemplified around us and within us, most notably in those we knew as “fathers” or those who held a fatherly space for us in some way, or those near or dear to us who are holding the space of “father” for someone now. Fathers model the masculine for us. To be a “good father” one must start by loving, honoring and cherishing the mother/Mother who bears his child, providing protection and a safe space for her to nurture the child(ren). He operates with accountability and integrity, “taking good care of his own”. He plans for the wellbeing of his family, seeing that needs are met, that life is stable. He aligns himself for being present to take care of their needs as they grow. Most of all, a good father supports the life of his family, and in the broader sense of being One with All that is, the Divine Masculine supports ALL life.

Shondra: “As I look at all that my father exemplified for me, I can see many reflections of these divine qualities of the masculine, providing for me on many levels throughout my life. This is the second Father’s Day since he passed on, and I can honestly say that it was not until after he left this life that I actually understood some of the deeper levels of his “support of my life”, that made it possible for me to be fulfilling my Divine Plan now. Love and Deep Gratitude for this! Thank You, Daddy. <3 “

Jeremiah: “A large piece of my understanding of the experience of this embracing the Divine Masculine within comes from putting lots of pieces together about my Dad who voluntarily enlisted in 1942 even though he was exempt. He was driving the tank that opened the gate at Buchenwald Concentration Camp and witnessed the truth of the Holocaust. On 2 November 2003, I was honored to an event, on his behalf, at the Tribute to Holocaust Survivors – A Reunion of a Special Family at the US Holocaust Museum. I met with 7 living survivors of Buchenwald and members of their families. They were eager to know of my Father as my presence connected them with the soldiers who freed them long ago and to express their deep gratitude.

Following my Near Death Experience (NDE) in 2000 I expanded my Reiki practice to include Tantric Shamanic Healing and ultimately Sacred Body Integration (primarily with women). In this sacred service I immersed deeply into the Divine Feminine and was ever seeking access to embracing the Divine Feminine within. Everything I saw of the Masculine took me deeper into my body (feminine) and away from the Wounded Masculine I witnessed: the distorted mental masturbation and need to debate, the seeking of power over others, men surreptitiously accessing and using women’s creative energies to source personal projects and even women whose inner Wounded Masculine accessed the electric forcing and organizing power of men to accelerate their projects. How could there be anything divine about the Masculine?

My breakthrough in this came during meditation in July 2007 when I heard the following words from my I Am Self, “The True Divine Masculine supports all life in the Cosmos, not just some of it.” As I embraced this energetic, I recalled my Father’s telling me that he had repeatedly refused to join the Ku Klux Klan after WW2, losing jobs and family acceptance because he considered that we were all the same.   Thanks Dad for showing me that the Masculine can support all life, even in the face of immense opposition.”

So our question for you is, “How did your Father or another paternal figure in your life show you an aspect of the Divine Masculine?”


Deep Blessings on Your Awakened and Aligned Life!

Rev Jeremiah Lindsay MSS/RMT & Rev Shondra ~ Rose of Light


Curriculum of Self Mastery Staff of the Awaken Your Light Center of Light

 We will be offering a new series of classes for the Awaken Your Light Curriculum of Self Mastery beginning in September.   If you are interested in learning how the Divine Masculine can awaken in your life’s experience please connect with us on our Facebook page, Awaken Your Light and let us know your intentions.

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Divine Plan Alignment: Your Best Safety Plan

We have noticed, via much research in recent months, a direct correlation between sudden or tragic deaths and serious accidents, and a much diminished level of alignment with one’s Divine Plan. We have researched, and looked at car accidents, atrocity events, rapes, battlefield deaths, murders and a few other kinds of events that involve death or serious injury. In every case, each person’s alignment with their Divine Plan was down to almost nothing or had gone out altogether. We now feel that alignment with Divine Plan is the best form of insurance one can have.

First we’ll establish context by addressing “multidimensional.” Being multidimensional means getting more aligned with the Oneness with All That Is and Opening and Activating more of your chakras.  In his 24th Psalm, King David called chakras the “ancient doors or gates, through which the King of Glory enters”. We can take this as a reference to our I AM Self, who meets us through our higher chakras. The open chakras receive energy, but it is only through the activated ones that you impact your world, and realistically can change your reality.  It is with the Activated Chakras in the 5th dimension, and beyond, that you can begin to function outside of the “box” of the illusion of separation, where all the lack, limitation, illness and death have held us. When you expand beyond this box, you CAN begin to create, and call into being new answers to the questions and situations before you.

Now we will share with a story from the trench warfare battlefields of WW 1. The daily casualty rate along the Allied Lines was very high across every company save one. The company with a very low casualty rate was pulled off the line so the Generals learn why. The only thing they found was that every morning, after a meal the entire company stood together and chanted the 23rd Psalm. Please consider that King David was addressing the I Am Self, not something out there and here these men, in something akin to a sacred union relationship with each other were invoking their I Am Self and that of their Sacred Union Being to protect them.

Our Research:  In general, looking at humanity as a whole, over the last 5 years, the average level of alignment with Divine Plan is about 12-14%. People who live very consciously or spiritually usually have higher levels, up to perhaps 50%. Though this may have been different in other eras, it has taken a great deal of focus and work to move it closer to 100% in recent years. We notice that alcohol, heavy meds and recreational drug use tend to reduce alignment, distancing the individual from the place where we connect with our Divine Plan.

When a person begins to drop alignment (for any number of reasons or influences), if the drop continues for any length of time, one gets into the DANGER ZONE around 4 or 5%. If it keeps on dropping, there is less and less spiritual protection to keep “bad things” from happening, and less and less support for your physical embodiment to continue. Around 2% alignment with Divine Plan, one enters the CRITICAL ZONE. This is when many moderately serious accidents and acute illnesses occur, taking a person down for weeks or months of recovery. This is really a time to stop focusing “out there”, and get your “internal affairs in order”, and choose to get the details of your life more together and raise your alignment, or, on a soul level to give up, and wait for another blow to come and take you further down and eventually out of the game of life. This period can last a long or short time, depending on many factors.

In most cases, if the decrease in Divine Plan alignment has been very gradual or hovering at low levels for a long time, this can all drag out for months or years. However, if the descent has been rapid, from a consistently higher level of alignment, a swift fall is more likely, accompanied by an intense, very clear CHOICE POINT for a more evolved, conscious individual. This could come in the form of a car accident, a fall, a sudden onset physical illness or flare-up of a latent one, or being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” kind of event.

So if your Divine Plan alignment has fallen below 2%, it is not that someone else is necessarily “out to get you”, but that your universe will take out that which is no longer aligned enough to justify its continued existence. Being at or below 2% alignment for any length of time, and there is not enough “integrity” left in your energy field to keep out the dangers that are present all the time. Life support for a life form that is not holding alignment with Divine Plan will simply be bumped out by literally anything that comes along.

How do I know what my level of Divine Plan alignment is? Some people can use a pendulum or dowse, or other means of self-discernment, but most people have not learned these skills, and therefore are less likely to have this in focus. If you have not learned self-discernment skills, but you desire to know where you are, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE for clues.

Here are some warning signs your Divine Plan Alignment is low:

  • How safe do you feel? ( scale of one to ten)
  • How stable does your life feel? ( scale of one to ten)
  • Do you feel safe driving? ( scale of one to ten)
  • How secure do you feel in your home? And about keeping your home? ( 1 to 10)
  • How secure do you feel in your relationships? ( scale of one to ten)
  • Have you had any “close calls” recently?
  • Have tripped over anything, fallen, bruised or cut yourself recently?
  • Have you made any really “bad business decisions” that are weighing heavily on you?
  • Are you deeply worried about your finances?
  • Have you had any ominous feelings that something may be sneaking up on you, or something bad about to happen, but you don’t know what?
  • When you go to bed at night, do you feel at peace or worried?
  • Do you have panic attacks, experience paranoia or take meds just “to function”?
  • In your heart, are you “sure everything is ok”?
  • Do you doubt your decisions or have trouble deciding?
  • Are things “working out” in your life, feeling in the flow?

If you did not get perfect answers on all of these questions, you can be pretty sure that your Divine Plan Alignment is lower than is safe, and you could benefit from improvement. If you got low answers on MOST or all of these, some immediate and focused attention to your Divine Plan Alignment could literally “Save Your Life”.

What can I do if my Divine Plan Alignment is low? : Get into a quiet space and focus on your soul and spirit. Make every effort to engage as much of your being as you can. Then speak these words with as much authority as you can muster, over and over, until you feel safer and more at peace. Do this often, and continue it daily, as a regular practice.


 Short version to use as a mantra,  “Divine Plan Aligned I AM!”

How long should it take to turn things around? That depends on you, how long it has been low, how low it is when you start, and how much priority and focus you give to it. You will be able to tell when it improves, because you will FEEL better, more secure, at ease, relaxed, safe. And, positive things will start happening in your life. The better you feel, the less you will need to do it (but don’t stop, just because you feel good for an hour!)

How often should I do it? As often as you can, until you turn things around. Once you have stabilized your life again, we recommend making it a daily practice, like brushing your teeth. Doing it WITH OTHERS may also add strength to your efforts, help everyone, as well as being more fun.

Do I need help with it? Who can help me? That is up to you. If this subject calls to you to give it more attention, or you desire support, you can get the Alignments Package from our website, and be invited to attend our weekly alignments practice clinics, currently held on Tuesdays. At these calls, we spend up to an hour with those who attend, first doing basic alignment calls together, and then briefly coaching each participant individually on making effective, life-changing alignment calls for you. WE look forward to serving YOU!

Deep Blessings on Your Awakened and Aligned Life!

Revs Shondra & Jeremiah Lindsay

Curriculum of Self Mastery Staff of the Awaken Your Light Center of Light

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Alternatives of Present As a Measure of Health of the Psyche

This article is the first in a new newsletter series on our work with Return Path to the Light.

How can you get a quick read of where a person is mentally/emotionally/spiritually without knowing anything else about them?  Can this help us meet the needs of those “in need” around us who don’t know what is wrong, what help to ask for or even seem open to assistance?  Read this short article to find out!

First, for our Readers who are new to the concept of Return Path to the Light:  The Return Path to the Light is the connection to our Spirit Source that our being keeps in place to make sure we get back “Home” to the Light from which we descended into the densities of matter and 3 D.  It could be seen as a kind of thin umbilical cord, that stays connected to our heart and helps us find our way, even in the relative darkness of these realms, and when our life ends, we follow it back to the Light.  Our work with RP has focused around making sure this is in place for a soul, both for the living and those who have crossed over.  It can be dropped or thrown down, if a soul becomes too disillusioned or feels too betrayed, thus leaving the soul like a rudderless boat on a dark sea.  It seems to require soul-care assistance to convince a soul, or prod a soul into picking it back up again. The main subject of this article, Alternatives of Present, is a primary indicator as to the health and condition of the Return Path connection for the living.

I was first introduced to this concept about 25 years ago, when I was dowsing with a pendulum, and learning various bodies of knowledge that used dowsing.  Only, at that time, it was “alternatives of future”, not present.  Then at some point, the energies on the planet shifted… maybe around 2000, and there WAS NO MORE Future!  Only Present, in my reads.  Hence… “Alternatives of Present”:

Alternatives of Present is a read of the number of options or possible paths open to a person in any one moment.  It CAN be very mobile, but the lower it is, the more stagnant or depressing life may seem.  “Optimal” would be infinite, because you would be such a prolific creator, that you would be creating new options all the time, with no limit.

The first “healthy” number of options is nine, and the further beyond 9 you go, the more expansive and positive your outlook on life.  The further below nine options you go, the more contracted and restricted will be one’s view of life.  The average for humanity is around 7 alternatives of Present, which is some degree of depression, or feeling down, some of the time.  Generally speaking, 6, 7 and 8 are various levels of pessimism or depression, and usually the reason people turn to therapy, TV, video games, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or meds to deal with mild symptoms.  When a person has dropped to about 5 alternatives left, if professional help has not already been sought it likely will be now, or,  “self-medicating” becomes a more serious pastime. Frequently addictions set in at this point.

When a person gets down to 5 or 4 options left open, there is a profound level of doubt in Spirit (God, etc) that is likely to be engaged.  And when “life” deals one more hard blow (like loss of income, loved one, home, relationship, etc.), this is often when the soul feels so betrayed by its Spirit Source for not “helping”, that it gets angry, and throws down the connection to Spirit Source (this is “God” in most people’s inner cosmology), and disconnects from the very thing that gives life its meaning.  Once this step has happened, the Alternatives of Present can hang around 4 or spiral downward from there.

At Three Alternatives of Present, thoughts of suicide begin to enter the stage, and musings of whether one’s life is even worth staying around for.  Contracting a little more, to TWO Alternatives of Present, and one is likely to be reviewing possible scenarios, and deciding which of two ways would be best.  At ONE Alternative of Present, there is only one way to go, and it is a test of one’s character not to take it.

There is a ZERO POINT that one can also go through, but to pass through it and out the other side successfully, without taking one’s own life requires either or both: a profound commitment to a sense of higher spiritual mission/ OR someone strong, “holding you” through it.  Most Suicides are committed in a zero point.  Most freak accidents, unexpected deaths, deaths on the battlefield or deaths during bizarre atrocities occur to those whose Return Path has been dropped for some time, alignment with Divine Plan walked away from, and there is nothing holding the integrity of being for the continuation of the embodiment. We have found very few exceptions to this.

Generally speaking, when a person “picks up their Return Path to the Light”, the number of Alternatives of Present read will go from 3 or 4, to 7 or 8 at the low end, or 9 to 12 on the high end.  This will result in the person feeling a shift into hopefulness, optimism, and things “opening up”, new possibilities arising, a brighter outlook on life, and a general improvement in one’s sense of well-being and level of activity.

We also notice that when an intelligent or spiritually evolved person’s RP is down, it is harder to tell, because they know so many ways to make the best of a bad situation, that the soul condition is often missed.  However when the RP is picked up, it is usually quite noticeable in the shift in what is happening for the person.  We also report that we know of NO ONE who, once their RP was thrown down, figured out how to pick it up again without external assistance to instruct the soul on a soul level, on what to do to remedy their situation. They seem to need someone else “holding a flashlight for them”!  This is what we now know how to do, and can also train others to do, for all those in need of this soul-level care today.

We hope this article has been helpful in understanding Alternatives of Present, particularly in reference to your own recent experience (or that of a Loved One), especially if you have been referred to this article.

If you would like to make a Gratitude/PayItForward offering to support this ongoing work,look for the Pay It Forward Button in the right column on this page.

Thank you for your support, and if you have any stories to tell, we would love to see them posted on our Return Path to the Light Page on FaceBook !


Deep Blessings,

Rev. Shondra ~ Rose of Light with Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay

Awaken Your Light staff


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Alignment with Your Divine Plan and the Power of Making Calls

Skills for Making the Transition from 3-4D to Multi-Dimensionality

Have you ever thought about how aligned you are with your own Divine Plan?  What are you doing to assure that you are on track?  Each of us, when we chose embodiment, came in with some form of Divine Plan and purpose, which was the whole reason for leaving the sublime realms of spirit and incarnating in the density of physical form.  We all know, deep inside, it is about more than living to work to make payments on a car and a house so you keep a good credit rating!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be “really on track”, with everything “clicking” in your life?  Knowing why you are here and what to do?  It might be as simple as “Calling yourself into alignment” with your Divine Path.  Many people are now feeling “there is something more for me”, but don’t know what it is or how to find it.  Some will read books, or take classes, or even work with a life coach to help them get it into focus.  Many of these things will stimulate remembering of bits and pieces of the plan, and move one generally in the direction, if one is intent on finding what you are looking for.

Often people say that the reason they can not do something is because of the money.  Our perspective is that to do or not do a thing is never a money issue, but an alignment issue.  If the alignment is there, the universal forces “line up” to support the event.  Shondra’s own personal experience bears this out over and over again…. With examples such as a $3000 trip to Mexico that manifested in a week, when her monthly inflow had been much less than that …. “Simply because I Called in the alignment with my Divine Plan, and the trip/workshop was ON THE PLAN, so voila!  I went!”

When she does energetic assessments for our clients, it is common for those who have not discovered the power of alignment to be muddling along at about 30% or so, just like we both were not so long ago.  And more often than not, there is no major block in the way, just a lack of focus and understanding of how to get the alignment back in order.  It IS simple, but just as a pilot does many course corrections to keep the plane on course, so must we keep calling ourselves into (renewed ) higher alignment with our Divine Plan to keep our lives on course and “on Purpose.”

Making the Call into Alignment

It is important to understand that a Call is more like an empowered instruction that engages your I Am Self or Higher Self, to make something so.  It is engaging an inner power that lies within you, not dealing with some external power to “help” you.  It is an effectual rearranging of the picture from inside, so that the picture reflected back on the outside can shift and realign to the new “specifications.”

To Call yourself into alignment with your Divine Purpose and Path, first pause and clear your mind of everything else.  Take a few deep breaths while you create an inner focus.  Stand with your feet solidly on the ground, so you can feel the earth, and have a little bounce in your knees.  Then make a statement similar to the following, with a sense of strength and authority in your life, body and being as you speak powerfully to your Self:

I AM that I AM Calling my entire Being, Soul and Body in to perfect, 100% alignment with my Divine Plan and Purpose Now!  So BE It!  So It IS!  Anchor Lock and Seal I AM!

As you finish, tighten your gut and plant your feet more firmly on the earth, with a strong breath, to anchor it in.  Repeat this over and over until you feel it click in at 100% alignment.  When Shondra started with a 30% alignment, it would take about 7 to 10 Calls to get it to “click”.  When we did the calls every day, it would only slip to about 80% for a while, until we got better at holding it consistently.  At 80%, it only takes about 3 Calls to bring it back. Now one Call will restore any slippage.

From the time Shondra began making this Call for herself, the details of her life began to shift into fully supporting me doing what I KNOW I AM HERE TO DO, and deep joy began to well up from my soul, because I was “on track”.   We’ve seen shifts in many of our clients alignments follow similar tracks, resulting in huge life shifts bringing much deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment of purpose. Bringing yourself consistently into alignment with your Divine Plan, Path and Purpose can be the best gift you ever gave yourself.

Blessed IS,

Shondra ~ Rose of Light and Rev Jeremiah Lindsay

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What Does “Multi-Dimensional” Mean?

And How Will The Shift in 2012 Affect Me?

What is Multi-Dimensional?

What this really means in the most basic terms, is becoming able to move beyond the reference points we have relied upon all of our lives, and draw upon resources that access new energies and higher creativity in order to successfully meet what is before us as we approach The Shift of the Ages.  It is our current understanding that as of September 2009, the underlying energetic support for the 3rd Dimensional (physical)  and the 4th Dimensional (mind and psyche) world has been withdrawn.  This means that the structures that have insufficient integrity to exist beyond these dimensions WILL BE FAILING and collapsing, wherever they are not supported WITH INTEGRITY by higher, more sublime dimensions of energy.

What does this look like?

Economic down-turns are causing many people to find themselves without an income, financial industry causing them to lose their homes, airports shutting down and stopping commerce for days because of volcanic ash, earthquakes devastating a whole country that has barely a clue how to function.  As long as 3 D and 4 D were inherently supported by the Life Forces of the Earth, you could figure out with your head how to “make things  work”, write a business plan, get a loan, use a credit card to get food from Wal-Mart.  But what happens when all the structures those things are built upon fall apart?  What will people do?  How will they function?  Who will help them?  How will they hold their psyche together to overcome the obstacles before them and create something new?

As we get closer and deeper into The Shift associated with 2012, the less the old ways of doing things are going to work, or eventually be of any help at all, and it is not about praying to some far away deity or friendly ET’s to come get us out of this mess.  It IS about waking up to remember that each one of us is responsible for having created and allowed our own reality, and each one of us is the only one who can change it for ourselves.  And together, as a team of conscious creators, we can co-create a brand new reality of our choosing.  However, it is necessary to become conscious, and learn what tools you have and what resources you have available to you and within you.

Part of what “multi-dimensional” means is getting more of your chakras open AND ACTIVATED.  Chakras (King David called them “ancient doors or gates” in his Psalm # 24) are your basic energy centers through which cosmic energy pours into us and through us to use to manifest our reality with our intentions, thoughts, words and deeds.  Most people only address the primary chakras beginning with the First or Root Chakra going up to the Seventh or Crown Chakra.  Actually the Divine Masculine Chakra system begins with the Root and continues to go High or well up above the Crown.  The open chakras receive energy, but it is only through the activated ones that you impact your world, and realistically can change your reality.

If you are limited to only 4-D chakras, that is the only realm in which you can “play”, and if that is what is falling apart around you, you have little or nothing to work with.  It is the multi-dimensional energies that will act as the glue to hold things together.   It is only when you get your 5th Dimensional chakras (#19 to 33, see chart below) functioning that you can begin to function outside of the “box” of the illusion of separation, where all the lack, limitation, illness and death have held us.

When you expand beyond this box, you CAN begin to create, and call into being, new answers to the questions and situations before you.  Inside the box, your hands are tied to old answers that are rapidly falling away right before our eyes.

So how can you get beyond the box? 

How can you begin to access the more expanded dimensions, beyond 4D?  How do you “wake up out of the illusion” that 3D (and maybe 4D!) is all there is?  Could it be that “the Lord strong and mighty, the King of Glory, from whence comes our help” in King David’s Psalm is really your Higher Self, your I AM Presence?  Opening to your Higher Self is really the first step, as all the answers we seek are there, all expansion to multiple dimensions begins with opening the access to this level of your own being. With open access to your I AM Self, then it is just a matter of consistently applying many simple tools to keep expanding your Presence here.

Dimensions of Chakras

Chakras from #1 to 18 are in 4th Dimension

#19 to 33 in 5th Dimension

#34 to 47 in 6th Dimension

# 48 to 61 in 7th Dimension

# 62 to 75 in 8th Dimension

And up, ad infinitum …

In the NE COL Curriculum of Self Mastery WE offer:

  • Simple meditative exercises to open up the access to your Higher Self
  • Journaling to bring more inner self-awareness
  • Multi-dimensional Assessments
  • Podcast Series and Audio Files
  • Teleconference Series and Events to support your journey of expanding in M-D
  • Simple Daily Tools to focus, hone and clear your energy for more effective functioning

With the resources and tools we offer, you can choose to remember how you got into the box, remember how to get out, and discover how to reclaim your sovereignty as a conscious creator, with total authority and autonomy over your own reality and how to reconstruct it according your own Divine Plan.

Rev. Jeremiah Lindsay and Shondra ~ Rose of Light, co-founders of New Earth Center of Light, SA, Costa Rica,  have each been working in the realm of spiritual healing and higher conscious evolution for decades.  Their present work represents a synthesis and culmination of their focus on the spiritual freedom and empowerment effected by the joining of the inner Divine Masculine with the inner Divine Feminine into the Sacred Union Within, including significant work with the little known Divine Feminine Chakra System.

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