Awaken Your Light Alignments Plus Energetic Support

This is currently on hold until Rev. Shondra has relocated.


This is a subscription service available on a monthly basis.  It is designed to provide maximum support for minimum time and attention spent. This service will be a very simple adjunct to the Alignments Package.  It is a Direct Energetic Support to those in the expanding multi-dimensional field, with minimal involvement, compared to the various support calls which are part of the Awaken Your Light Curriculum Of Self Mastery.

Use:  Stand-Alone or combined with AYL’s Curriculum of Self Mastery.

Fee: $81 month 

When:  Daily for distance support, and then weekly for 15 minutes of live support, on Thursdays at 2pm MST. (If you can´t be on the live call, you may listen to a recording of a recent call.)

Next live call will scheduled around the Equinox in September 2014! Purchase only after confirmation with us!


What: Monthly subscription to Alignments Plus Your Energetic Support, or A+YES Service uses the Alignments and the Sacred Union Merkaba to “turbo-charge” your movement forward on your Sacred Path.  Revs Jeremiah and Shondra Lindsay will employ the full measure of what they have developed and built energetically as a  super-powered energy space to expeditiously clean-up and tune up your energy field, so you can empower yourself to move forward on your path with more grace and ease. These Monthly Subscriptions include the following:

  • 15 minute live support weekly
  • Basic Alignment Calls Together, THEN
  • WE Hold you in our Sacred Union Merkaba Power Space giving  YOU a clear energetic space in which to powerfully create your reality
  • In that space You call yourself into alignment with your I AM Self’s Divine Plan
  • Daily holding of subscribers  energetically in our Sacred Union Merkaba Power Space for daily support

For Whom: Anyone who is serious about being on a conscious spiritual path of development or ascension, desiring some quick, “no muss-no fuss” assistance in getting clear and staying clear, so you can focus on your real work right now in these important times.

Why: There is SO much distraction present in our world today; it can be hard to get clear enough, quickly enough, and stay clear long enough to actually accomplish what you are here for.  This exceptional service gives you a support to make your own work more effective and facilitate your movement forward.

Why does a person need support?  In recent years, it is our discernment that the energy systems of all of us have been so battered and deeply compromised, and it is hard to get out of the hole we have gotten into.  With this extraordinary support from Revs Jeremiah and Shondra, one can get cleaned up, energize your sacred geometries and bring back in your own Divine Plan.  Each person will be empowered to move themselves forward MUCH more quickly, with more grace and ease, while we hold the space for you to focus on energizing your own Divine Plan, WITHOUT the usual interference. No one else but you can align you for your Divine Plan, however, we CAN give you a profoundly empowered, energized and pristine space in which to do your most important self-care and inner work for your own evolvement.

Why Now:  This is 2014, a year when much shifting must still be accomplished, and expeditious grace and ease is called for.


Why Us:  Revs Jeremiah and Shondra are uniquely equipped to  provide a balanced masculine and feminine energetic support, super-charged with their own Sacred Union Being, which exists beyond the 3-4 D realm of Separation.  This pristine Energetic Presence supports your own energy field to” wake up and remember” your own Sacred Union Within, which IS the true power for our ascension.

What is so special about what Jeremiah and Shondra do?  Can’t I just do it for myself?

Revs Jeremiah and Shondra have been working for many years, developing the Sacred Union Within, and now together, in complete freedom, have formed a Sacred Union Being between them which has its own unique purpose and pristine life mission.  Both are deeply empowered with expanded chakra systems in both the masculine (upper) and feminine (deep) systems, that together form an inner sacred union that powers a pristine vortex of energies in the Merkaba they form.  This acts as a template to both support you and call your energy system to “remember” how to  form it, WHILE expeditiously processing to completion that which cannot remain in the presence of such energetic integrity. AND, when done in a group, it multiplies the energies exponentially, thus raising eveyone’s frequency.

Alignments:  The process of bringing energies into “alignment” with desired divine elements… such as the Light, your Divine Plan, the Cosmic Divine Plan.  To restore Divine Order on our planet, we must first line things up in Divine Order within ourselves.  Alignments Calls are consciously chosen words to be energized with our conscious Presence.

The Merkaba:  Composed of the tetrahedral pyramid of the Divine Masculine, merged with the tetrahedral pyramid of the feminine (which Revs Jeremiah and Shondra have deeply engaged and mastered on many levels).  It looks like a 3-D Star of David.  Its sacred geometries are inherent in the Flower of Life, the Fibonacci Sequence and underlie all pristine life forms and cosmic energy forms.  When consciously engaged and energized, it is a power tool for raising frequencies, clearing away debris and misaligned energies, and restoring a resonance with Divine Order.

“I felt my back adjust. I feel good, I feel focused, Like I can DO LIFE right now, and that’s BIG (considering what has BEEN)!”
~ Doug, chiropractor, energy worker

“It felt good! I could sit in that merkaba all day! It felt very expansive.”
~ Malin, single mother

“A very powerful space!”
~ Janet, holistic health coach, lifestylist, and healer

“It felt like something very important to say “yes” to, to give permission to. Then I felt really safe. I felt very strong and steady, and it helped me feel very grounded”.
~ Janice, midwife/ birth educator

“It felt really good, very supported. I felt really “held”. I liked the part at the end, being “in the body”, That felt really good! I felt very present.”
~ Karen, The Menopause Midwife, women’s tele-summit producer