Awaken Your Light Key Offerings for Your Conscious Path of Self-Mastery

Products and Services to “Light Your Path” into multi-dimensional life with ease and grace, and provide you with the tools to raise your frequency and move yourself forward on journey of awakening into the Oneness and wholeness of your own being. Stand-Alone and sequential services and products to support YOU TODAY! The products and services listed on this page are primarily intended for those new to this work and entering the Entry Stage of the Curriculum of Self Mastery. (READ MORE)

We offer a Curriculum of Self Mastery, which includes classes and materials to facilitate your journey into Self Mastery!   Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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AYL CoSM Subscriptions

All Support Calls will be on hold until further notice!

The AYL CoSM Subscriptions (paid Monthly or Quarterly) include the weekly support calls for the Stage you are in of the AYL CoSM as well as our Daily Energetic Support Services with Live A+YES Support Calls. Those who are only in the A+YES are not eligible for these subscriptions.

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Return Path to the Light Ancestral Lineage/Family Intensive Service Package

Does your family have stubborn issues or members that refuse all attempts to be helped or resolved, costing your whole family years of heartache and expense?  It may be an ancestral and Return Path soul issue, involving hundreds of ancestors and their patterns. The Ancestral Lineage Service is 90 minutes of Return Path to the Light session with Revs Shondra ~ Rose of Light and Jeremiah Lindsay.  It includes you participating in creating a path Home to the Light for the Earth-bound Souls of your blood lineage, as well as addressing Return Path issues of 2 living family members.
Cost: $540 Value. Now Only – $500.

To Inquire or Purchase:  Send brief description and request to be invoiced to info@JourneysAwakening.com.  This request is understood as your permission to We will Invoice ONLY IF there is alignment for the session.

Read more on Return Path to the Light Ancestral/Family Intensive Service

Auxiliary Payment

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