Return Path to the Light

When a person’s Return Path to the Light (their Spirit Source) is down or disrupted, nothing in their life seems to be working, and they are unreceptive to any assistance. It is a Soul condition affecting many more today than ever before, as the Soul challenges on the planet have intensified. Understanding this condition and how address it empowers practitioners and others to be of profound assistance in our age.

Making sure a person’s Return Path to the Light is established and secure is a way of making sure they are connected in a most basic way to their Spirit Source. If it is in place, the person will be able to find their way along, whether on this side of the veil or the other.

We’re seeing more and more who, having been confronted with the lie or illusion of Separation Consciousness, become disillusioned with their personal connection to God, Goddess, Source or whatever that is in their personal cosmology.  In that upset they may throw down their Return Path to the Light.

Another aspect of this has to do with whether or not there is an alignment by one’s Soul with their Higher Self or what we call, the I Am Self and It’s Divine Plan for this embodiment.  If the Soul, which carries the package of likes, dislikes, memories, experiences, beliefs, decisions, etc., is not in alignment with the plan that their Spirit had for this embodiment, there will be an underlying sense of discord and unhappiness in every part of a person’s life, and it may seem like “NOTHING is working” in that life.

But if a person has suffered a great trauma in life and felt deep spiritual loss or betrayal, they may have thrown down this connection and wandered off in their pain. If they cross over in this state, (worst cases include suicides, death in combat, concentration/death camps, …, dementia, nursing homes) then the soul will not know where to go or be able to recognize any way to proceed. They are “lost”.  You may know someone whose life is just a mess, and no matter how hard anyone tries to help, the help seems wasted. In just a few minutes of focused attention on such a family member or loved one, this can be turned around as we lovingly support the soul in making their own choice to reconnect with their Return Path to the Light. It does not matter how long ago the connection was dropped or when they crossed over. They can be assisted. This is especially valuable to those who took their own lives and need this help to find their way “home.”

An example:  Shondra once had a client request help for her mother who was in a nursing home, unable to feed herself or go to the bathroom on her own.  She was so miserable that she verbally lashed out at everyone constantly whether family or the nursing home staff and few would assist her to either eat or use the bathroom.  With the daughter’s assistance Shondra made the calls for the Mother to pick up her Return Path and for her name to be written in the Book of Life.  The feedback was that “by the next morning she had lost 10 lbs of water weight had used the bathroom overnight on her own, was happily feeding herself and telling everyone about the angels about her.  This woman was like a totally different person.”

During our Awaken Your Light New Earth Conclave Intensives, we addressed the needs of thousands of the participant’s ancestors who were lingering and lost until we gave them the assist they needed to for them to reconnect and  to “go Home”.   What we became present to was that most of the participants were making calls on behalf of thousands in their ancestral lineage; the only ones who only had a few hundred were those of Hebrew lineage.  It seems that part of the Hebrew New Year’s ritual includes calling for their lineage to have their names written in the Book of Life.  It occurs to us that Martin Luther was incensed with the Pope selling this dispensation to those willing to “buy” their ancestors out of purgatory.   We all have the capacity and authority to effectively make these calls on behalf of our ancestors.

Return Path to the Light

Individual & Family Ancestral Lineage Service Package

 The Ancestral Lineage Service is 90 minutes of Return Path to the Light session time (75min main session and 2 brief follow-up sessions) with Revs Shondra ~ Rose of Light and Jeremiah Lindsay. It includes you participating in creating a path Home to the Light for the Earth-bound Souls of your blood lineage.   This work is for clearing the backlog of thousands of ancestral souls who are lingering, all the problems they are “visiting upon” the living, and improving the overall soul/psychic health of a family where one or more living members have dropped their Return Path and “nothing seems to help”. Package includes a supporting pdf and audio file for background prep.

 Generally, this work has only been available to those invested in the CoSM course of study. This service is in response to requests for this work by those who are not ready or able to engage the full curriculum, but have an intense family need, to be addressed more immediately.  This service is subject to alignment and availability of our time and it requires a payment of $500 for this package of work.

Cost: $540 Value Now only $500  To Purchase, request to be invoiced and give permission to do an alignment check of your personal/family bloodline lineage. We will only invoice IF we discern there is alignment to do the work. Once payment is made, half is non-refundable until the session occurs.  Once session occurs, all payment is non-refundable.  Additional session time may be advised, depending on the complexity of the Return Path issues and number of family members involved. The live phone session is intended to cover the ancestral lineage and 2 living members whose Return Path is down. Additional Follow-up support or extended family size/complexity issues are billable separately. AYL Team support for additional follow up may be available at individual rates of the practitioner serving you.



The Training Offered by AYL Includes: Understanding what the Return Path to the Light is, how it can get dropped, what it looks like when someone has dropped The Return Path, how this affects EVERYONE, Suicides and those still living; how they can be helped; the role our Ancestors play in this, and how we can help our ancestors and our embodied genetic line, ultimately all of humanity, by understanding this piece of Soul Well-Being, and embracing the simple skills to support this level of soul health.

The “Basic Practitioner Training for Return Path to the Light” begins with the Instructional Session on the basic material, which is followed by two Clinic Sessions. During two follow-up Clinics each participant will receive one-on-one work with the three cases they present.   The Basic RP training completes with the Ancestral Lineage Clearing Clinic. Each participant will:

  • Learn to recognize when  person’s Return Path is down;
  • Learn the importance of this aspect of soul-care and health
  • Learn how to care for and meet this need in the living;
  • Learn how to take care of suicides and their departed Souls;
  • Take care of their whole ancestral line in the last clinic;
  • Can bring forward in clinics 3 Loved ones or acquaintances that we will work with to assist them in bringing their person’s Soul Home to the Light; while learning
  • Document the before and after profile for each person presented in the clinics.


Basic Practitioner Training for Return Path to the Light Course

Dates: To Be Announced and run for 4 weeks. 90 minute classes.  Starts at 2pm CST on the TBD.  We will send instructions and conference line numbers for this course after payment is received.

Cost: ($450 value) Now only $TBA. Purchase by requesting to be invoiced.

Classes will include the basic training, clinics to work with each participant’s 3 people, and the Ancestral Lineage Clearing for the whole class. A Certificate of Completion is available to those completing the course. Rebates are available for repeat students and documentors (details upon request).


Advanced Return Path Practitioner Training

Dates: on To Be Announced, for 3 weeks.  Starts at 2pm CST on the TBD.  We will send instructions and conference line numbers for this course after payment received.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Basic Training in RP AND have a practical mastery of a dowsing/ discernment skill in order to make effective use of this class.  Our audio recordings of Shondra’s Finger Dowsing Class is available ($36), A live follow up Finger Dowsing Clinic will be held to make sure those who desire the Advanced Return Path Practitioner Training will be properly equipped.

Cost:  ($450 value) Now only $TBA. Purchase by requesting to be invoiced.

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