Fay Prince Artist“Creating Inner Integrity I started working with Shondra & Jeremiah around the end of August this year after a VERY painful breakup with the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Right away they had me realize that the pain I was experiencing was because I was out of Integrity with mySELF!!! & that I had been looking to a “False Masculine” to fulfill what should have been coming from within! Wow! No need or point to blame him!!! & So I began! They gave me the Tools/Processes to work with & within a short period of time I was feeling much better…I found out fast that when we consciously CHOOSE to acknowledge that we “Created” ALL of it anyway then it actually gets easier to deal with. 3 months later…I have closed the chapter of that relationship…Thanked him for the experience & now I am happily dating someone else that is much more in alignment with who I AM! Thank-You Shondra & Jeremiah for being there for me! Much LOVE & LIGHT to you BOTH!” -F. Prince, Artist Canada

“Grounded and Centered in Myself I was referred to Shondra and Jeremiah by a loved and trusted friend, and have worked with them for about a year and a half now. Our connection came to me at a difficult time of my life, as I was undergoing a traumatic and painful change. Since working with Jeremiah and Shondra, I feel that my life has improved vastly! It has allowed me to become grounded and centered in myself, let go of many of the fears I had, and to access my own strength and power! It has also opened me up to the wider realms of reality! Shondra and Jeremiah are generous and sincere, heart-centered, and with a great sense of humor. I am very grateful for their presence in my life!” -Malin

“My Life Completely and Effortlessly Changed! When I first met Shondra and Jeremiah, I was this person who felt had no power in her life. I had no money, couldn’t find a job, was in a very passive-aggressive relationship, my self esteem was completely lost! I felt trapped, and I was so desperate I was doing a lot of things that were not only not working, but also possibly making it worse. After just a few short months of my first assessment with Shondra, my life completely and effortlessly changed. I got offered a job without looking for it, I found the courage and space to leave the relationship, my best friend moved to the same city I live in, I started ‘stumbling’ over many things I enjoyed doing, and felt alive again! And what I want to say, the most important thing, is that Shondra and Jeremiah do not do the work for you, they don’t ‘tell you’ what the secret is or ‘heal you’ and leave you to go back into the habits that were creating the issues in the first place. Instead, they very kindly and gently do it alongside you, providing many tools and a lot of support so that with practice and time you realise it is you who are healing yourself, you who is taking control of your life, and it is absolutely, brilliantly, empowering. This stuff works, because it’s not about healing an illness, or getting you to attract money, or get perfect relationships. It’s about you taking responsibility and learning how to nurture, love and care for your Self. And when this happens, everything else effortlessly falls into place.” -BL

Accelerated Shifts, Amazing Changes, Authentic Empowerment Since I began working with Reverends Shondra and Jeremiah Lindsay, I have been experiencing accelerated shifts from within.  I cannot begin to describe the amazing changes that have been occurring for me. When I began with NECL in May 2011, I thought I was a fairly empowered gal. I was shocked  very surprised to discover how  (much room for improvement was in the picture that was revealed. And my level of empowerment was due for a huge (and welcome!) upgrade!)weak and battered my energy was. Obviously, I was not as empowered as I thought.   After I worked with the NECL program for over a few months, I started getting a glimpse of what authentic empowerment felt like.  Reverends Shondra and Jeremiah are empowering coaches who have taught and provided me the tools to keep my core and connection to the light and my I AM self strong on a daily basis. Their expert coaching support and the NECL program helped my energy to flourish, my inner core to substantially strengthen and my relationship with the Divine to deepen in astounding ways. As a result, I am more secure as a person. I am not as afraid of being my authentic self around others and am able to more easily access my I AM self to help me live my truth more courageously, as I continue to expand into my multidimentional Self. While there is still a great deal more work to do to get me to the multidimensional level I desire (i.e. actively co-creating a new earth), NECL has helped me build an undeniable foundation that I know will get me there in with great ease and joy.  Love and light, PK, Canada

“Filled with Gratitude I was so excited when I discovered Shondra ~ Rose of Light, over a month ago, through her article entitled “Energetic Housekeeping and Spiritual Maintenance” posted in Simran Singh’s 11:11 Online Magazine.  I was looking for support with some unresolved recurring issues, so finding her work was clearly Divine Providence.  I provide spiritual healing facilitation for people and their animals and work with some of the most talented, authentic and dynamically present healers for my own healing and soul growth. Over the years, I have learned how to ask questions, give feedback and to pay close attention to the subtleties of shifting energy.  I share this, because the first communications with Shondra were very distorted.  I had difficulty reading her emails, felt agitated when we chatted on Skype, my eyesight went fuzzy and I got dizzy when I was reading the Alignment Instructions and Book of Calls.  Honestly, I gave serious consideration as to whether I should work with her or not.  However, knowing that when you are ready for the next phase of inner work, obstacles can definitely present themselves to see how committed you are and whether you will back down at the first sign of resistance.  Intent on discovering what was going on; I emailed my concerns and detailed my experiences. Shondra immediately asked a few questions, offered to check what was happening, cleared the energy fields and distortions from the documents.  I was then, not only able to read the instructions and Calls, but connected to them, feel the shifts in my energy and locked into the experience. After I worked with those materials for a while, we had been searching for my next step which had been elusive, not following the more common, logical progression.  Finally, I asked Shondra if she would check to see where I was and what might be blocking me from clarity.  Almost immediately, she began asking very directing questions and, with her Divine Assistance, we uncovered a major piece to the puzzle.  I went from being stuck around 85-88% alignment with the Light and my I AM Self to almost 100% in less than an hour!  I slept like a baby last night.  When I woke up this morning, my heart was filled with such profound gratitude for Shondra’s work, assistance, and support. Whether you are new to this work or been practicing for a while, I urge you to communicate any, and all, difficulties along the way, even if you think they are irrelevant.  Profound shifts, healing and re-connection to your own I AM Self is only a heartbeat away.  Shondra is a compassionate, generous, warm-hearted Ray of Light that anyone privileged to work with her will attest to. With love and blessings!” Moriya

“Alignments Make a Difference! As my alignment module has been progressing, I am noticing some very distinct differences between the first three days and these past three days. At first, the shifts were big and the differences were very noticeable, such as my senses being amplified, but as time passed it seems as if the shifts have become less distinct, but they are having a bigger impact in making life flow more easily. Also, the focusing that goes into doing the alignment seems to have become more second nature and it is taking less time to bring my self into alignment. The biggest change emotionally that these past few days has brought me is that my emotions are becoming more even-keel, and I am not as all over the place as I was before the alignment. As my schedule has become rather busy, I am combining two updates into one.  I did an experiment to see whether or not the alignment was truly working. I went 24 hrs without doing any alignments and I noticed two things. One, I had the emotional instability much like I did before I started the alignment and the other thing was that the whole day that I didn’t do them, I felt as if I was in a fog, and I was just going through the motions of every day things but I wasn’t truly aware of anything. So I am still continuing to do them, and after that day doing the experiment, I have decided that I will continue to do alignments after the two week trial, and I would recommend that anyone else doing this program do the same.” Cole T. – 18, Pennsylvania

“SUCCESS WITH TEEN WEIGHT ISSUES Before – My size and weight have always been something I was insecure about. Over the past few years I have made an effort to become healthier. I got taller and the weight evened out a little more in addition to my healthier choices. However I still weight 175 at 5’9″. I’ve had feelings of hopelessness and defeat because I was overweight and don’t seem to fit in the same category with most of the girls my age. I used to eat when I was bored, stressed or to cope with difficult situations in my life. Recently I have noticed that there was still an essential piece missing. Even if i decided to change and committed to a plan the enthusiasm and drive would ware off within a few weeks and it never seemed like I was getting anywhere despite my effort. What we did – Feeling stuck, I went to Shondra and explained my problem and how I felt. She explained that even if I make a choice the rest of me, my spiritual part also needed to be aligned with that choice and anything preventing me from my goal would also need to be removed. First we made a few calls to remove anything blocking me from what I wished to accomplish. Then Shondra asked me to create my own call based on my knowledge. I came up with a version I thought was appropriate and she then edited it to make it more effective. When we were finished I had this…

I AM that I AM calling my entire being into 100% alignment with my optimal diet and exercise practices. I AM creating a loving and supportive environment that encourages my commitment and success in reaching my Divine Plan-Aligned goals for physical, emotional, and spiritual health now. So be it, so it is, Anchor lock and seal I AM. And I further call my universe into 100% support of these goals. So be it, so it is. Anchor lock and seal I AM.

We ran through these several times so that I was able to reach 100% in both parts of the call, calling my being first followed by aligning my universe. After reaching both at 100% i felt as if the last piece of a puzzle i needed fell into place. Following the session I was to memorize and repeat these calls as often as I feel it is needed. My goal is to say them several times a week so that nothing interferes with me accomplishing my goals. After – One week later: I was looking in the mirror today and i felt thinner and happier 🙂 Two weeks after I made the calls I AM still feeling enthusiastic and optimistic about my commitment and I am finding it easier. I enjoy eating healthy things more and I look forward to the feeling of accomplishment after a workout. As long as I continue to make the calls as needed, find fun ways to stay on task and reach my goals, I have no doubt in my mind that I will succeed.” Thea Amelia, 17

Optimistic In PA   “I Feel Divine Completeness Within I started working with Shondra in July by participating in her Finger Dowsing Workshop, which was recommended to me by a friend. I am a holistic health and healing practitioner so this has been an amazing tool for me to use both personally and professionally. It is great for discerning information about all sorts of things, not just physical objects or places. It was during the time of this workshop that I took a deeper interest in the co-creative work that Shondra and Jeremiah are doing. I AM a seeker and although I have been very engaged in my own personal and spiritual growth for years, nothing has resonated with me on a soul level as much as being supported through my “self-initiation” into my higher I AM self (Divine Masculine). This happened on Nov 3 and since then there has been a tangible shift in the way I feel and how things are manifesting around me. On the day of my Higher Self Opening, I had an unbelievable amount of joy and excitement in anticipation of it. I was fortunate enough to have a boost call right after that, connected with some of the amazing members I am sharing this journey with, and I had the most amazing experience.  It was so beautiful, I was moved to tears not realizing right away that it was because parts of my being had reconnected after being disconnected for so long, and that I felt like I was finally home. I look forward to doing the boosts every week and each one leaves me feeling more empowered and complete within myself.  Shondra and Jeremiah are amazing facilitators and incredibly gifted at assisting with accelerated spiritual growth, and holding space for those that are engaged in this multi-dimensional work. I look forward to continuing and completing the Self Mastery Curriculum and deepening my connection with my I AM self’s Divine Plan.  I am also interested in co-creating as a practitioner of this work. I feel a divine completeness within and my universe is reflecting back to me this new energy that I am experiencing. This work nourishes the spirit and soul in and on all levels, and once you feel the effects, you will understand what I mean.”JD – New York

Thanks Shondra for the energy assist last night. I could really feel myself filling up with Light and Healing Energy! I recently had surgery and although I was healing quickly, I didn’t realize until last night that my energy was cut off! You are a true blessing!” – Candess M. Campbell